- Staff -

Rod Allison

Executive Director
Rod Allison

Private attorney and current commissioner for the Colorado High School Lacrosse Coaches Association. Denver Public school graduate. Awarded 2009 Man of the Year in Colorado lacrosse. An original founder of Denver City Lax.

“It’s important to be involved in the community, and it’s especially rewarding working with youth. Denver City Lax is driven by the idea, ‘Talent is universal, opportunity is not.’ Helping young people realize their potential, and watching them take hold of their own lives is very inspiring.”

Ben Allison

Program Director
Ben Allison

Born and raised in Denver. Graduated from East High School, and then attended Hampden-Sydney College & The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. Developed blue print for Denver City Lax while attending high school, and has been working full time with Denver City Lax since graduating from college..

“Lacrosse allowed me to travel the country, meet many of my best friends, and attend college. I am passionate about Denver City Lax because I’ve seen the sport and our organization offer participants the opportunity to share those same experiences.”

Eric Law

Program Manager
Eric Law

A Colorado native, Eric has been playing lacrosse in the state since 1997 when he was in first grade. Graduated from Arapahoe High School and attended Salisbury University & University of Denver where he played under two of the greatest coaches in NCAA history - Jim Berkman and Bill Tierney. Eric plays professional lacrosse in the outdoor and indoor leagues for the Denver Outlaws and Colorado Mammoth.

“Colorado lacrosse is so much of who I am. I am passionate about Denver City Lax because I want to share the same experiences and give back to the sport that has shaped me into the man that I am today. Lacrosse has given me endless amounts of opportunities and I want to share those opportunities with kids who never thought it was imaginable.”

Dillon Roy

Development Volunteer
Dillon Roy

Graduated from East High School and attended the University of Denver where he was a team captain and academic All-American. Since graduating, he has spent a substantial amount of time volunteering both on and off the lacrosse field. Dillon currently plays for the Denver Outlaws and Team Canada.

“I choose to spend my time with Denver City Lax because I support their effort to remove the financial barrier to the sport. I have played at the highest levels of lacrosse, and believe that the single most important thing I can do is to focus on introducing the game to new kids.”

- Board of Directors -

Bill Tierney

Bill Tierney
University of Denver Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach

Mac Freeman

Mac Freeman
Denver Broncos Senior Vice President of Business Development & Denver Outlaws President

Matt Brown

Matt Brown
University of Denver Men’s Lacrosse Associate Head Coach

John Lay

John Lay
Past President of Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Dillon Roy

Dillon Roy
Boom Town Lacrosse Co-Founder & Denver Outlaws

Rod Allison

Rod Allison
Denver City Lax Executive Director

gregory crichlow

Gregory Crichlow
Owner, Chocolate Spoke Bike Studio & Architect

- Coaches and Key Volunteers -

  • Ben Allison
  • RJ Roberts
  • Dillon Roy
  • Drew Tyrie
  • Drew Babb
  • Natasha Brophy
  • Greg Litvak
  • Eric Law
  • Henry Strazza
  • Kerry Briggs
  • Peter Hein
  • Zach Pendleton
  • Cher Crichlow
  • Mallory Cleveland
  • Ann McHugh
  • Sherri Gale
  • Vicki Allison
  • Gioia Garden
  • Peter Ehrlich
  • Kevin Blumhardt
  • Evan Karpus
  • Erika Croonenberghs
  • Kyle Gies
  • Colleen Evans
  • Kaitlyn Randol
  • Jacqueline Cipriani
  • Nicholas Reed
  • Jesse Roberts
  • Josie Owen
  • Brandon Zerr
  • Tim Gilchrist
  • Meg Cloutman
  • Mike Grover
  • Andrew Baker
  • Bailey McHugh
  • Edward DeCroce
  • James Montgomery
  • Hayden Porter
  • Bailey Zerr
  • Ann Elliot
  • Max Tuttle
  • Jack Tynan
  • Maddy Stevenson
  • Matt Soran
  • Bailey Tills
  • Alex Frank
  • Andrew Lay
  • Charissa Murphy
  • Joanna Dukes
  • Nick Lewis
  • Nellie Hayes
  • Antonio Lucero
  • Piet Dudley
  • Rachael Greenberg
  • Steve Juniel
  • Taylor Young
  • Zach Tedeschi
  • Matt Groves
  • Michael Watters
  • Chase Carraro
  • Ian Ferrell
  • Kristopher Juniel
  • Johnny Roach
  • Maddie DeWinter
  • Brian Crichlow
  • Michael Beimford
  • Alex Gschwend
  • Trevon Hamlet
  • Jaden Franklin
  • Jojo Franklin
  • Jada Bonner
  • Marissa Stanger
  • Bailey Connor
  • Anya Gersoff

- Foundations -

  • Daniels Fund
  • Donner Foundation
  • Barton Family Foundation
  • Beaird Family Foundation
  • Caulkins Family Foundation
  • Peyback Foundation
  • Colorado Sports Hall of Fame
  • The Kelley Foundation
  • Mikel T. Olson Foundation
  • Ronald and Carol Moore Family Foundation
  • Omaha Community Foundation
  • The Colin L. Cassidy Memorial Fund
  • Johnson Foundation of the Rockies
  • OAK Foundation
  • The Leo S. Walsh Foundation
  • The Owen Family Foundation
  • Bender Family Foundation
  • Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation
  • Bill Belichick Foundation