- Our Mission -

Denver City Lax’s mission is to create educational and enrichment opportunities for youth in underserved Denver neighborhoods through the sport of lacrosse.

- Opportunity -

Grow the game, and provide urban youth new opportunities.

Lacrosse provides an excellent team platform to teach key life skills such as, leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, perseverance, healthy living and goal setting.

The sport has many links to higher education offering urban youth a new path in accessing high school and collegiate opportunities.

- Adventure -

Every year participants travel - some for the first time - to camps and tournaments all over the country. In 2015, City Lax players traveled over 120,000 air miles outside the state of Colorado. Often times for kids, the experience of being away from home, traveling to a new area, and meeting new people creates a yearning for future growth, knowledge, and adventure.

- Equipment -

Remove the financial barrier to the sport by offering a sports-based youth development program at NO COST to participants.

- Academic Guidance -

Access to academic support, educational guidance and enrichment opportunities.

- Positive Coaches and Mentorship -

Provide experienced coaches and positive adult role models to help develop positive character traits and goal setting.

- Leadership Camps -

Each year we send 75+ City Lax participants to both local and national overnight camps. Each individual spends between 5-10 nights on a university or prep school campus focusing on how leadership, and other character skills, are directly linked to the sport of lacrosse.