Date: February 11, 2024

Where: City Park and Virtual Option

Join us for the 11th Annual City Lax Dash!

In-person race: February 11, 2024 at City Park. Race start at 10:00 AM (Check-in 9:00 AM)

or Virtual Option: February 5-11, 2024

The Dash is an event to kick-off the spring season and support Denver City Lax. Schools, teams and individuals have been rallying together at the Dash the past nine years.

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Dash Faq's

The Dash is an event to kick-off the spring season and support Denver City Lax, a nonprofit utilizing lacrosse as a platform to assist at-risk youth on the field and in the classroom. Schools, teams and individuals have been rallying together at the Dash for the past ten years.

In-Person Option: The in-person City Lax Dash will take place on February 11, 2024 at City Park. Check-in begins at 9:00 AM and the race starts at 10:00 AM.

Virtual Option: This year we're also offering a virtual option for people who are unable to attend in person, and for individuals/teams who are out of state.

- Virtual When: February 5-11. Teams participating in the virtual City Lax Dash can choose any day and time during the virtual Dash week that best fits their schedule.

- Virtual Where: You choose the location! You can run a 5k, dedicate sprints, dedicate a team workout, whatever you choose as long as you’re doing a team activity and getting a sweat to promote your participation in the City Lax Dash.

Participating in the Dash helps make a difference in the community and change lives. Denver City Lax is working to promote diversity and financial access within the sport. Kids in under resourced neighborhoods who would not otherwise participate are given the no-cost opportunity to be part of a team, learn a new activity, take part in year-round education and enrichment programs and grow as individuals. You will be making a difference!

Sign-up for the Dash (here).

Once you've signed-up, Denver City Lax will create a personal online page for each runner, and send it back to anyone that registers (Runners – be sure to check your email).

Runners can then personalize their online page with their own picture, fundraising goal and any statement as to why they are running in the Dash.

Runners then share their fundraising page with family and friends (Email, letter, social media, etc.), asking for support in their run for Denver City Lax.

Yes, the Dash is a key fundraiser that helps drive City Lax's year-round programs.

City Lax picks up all race registration fees, but each runner must raise a minimum of $100 on their personal crowdfunding page to run in the Dash.

Once the $100 minimum is met the individual will be entered into the race.

City Lax also gives each runner a great race t-shirt provided by our race sponsor Nike Lacrosse.

You can support a runner or team participating in the Dash by visiting the race event website on GiveSmart.

Once you're on the Dash MobileCause page, you can click "Support a Runner" and select the runner/team to support, or browse through all the teams and individuals participating.


GiveSmart is a team-based crowdfunding platform.  Each school/group/team participating in the Dash has a team page, and each runner representing that school/group/team has their own personal page.  When runners reach out to family and friends asking for support in their running effort, potential donors will be directed to each runner’s personal page to make a contribution, and those contributions are reflected on the individual runners page as well as the team page.

Do you want have any questions? Contact Eric Law: